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September 29, 2015
Times Herald
Forfeiture law unfair, must be eliminated
In June, Reporter Beth LeBlanc wrote about efforts in the state Legislature to reform Michigan’s worst-in-class civil forfeiture laws...   More

September 29, 2015
Cincinnati Enquirer
Ohio bill would protect property seized by police
Police can seize your car, cash and home as evidence then force you to prove your innocence to get them back...   More

September 26, 2015
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Impeding Pittsburgh's growth with green grass & wedding vows
Pittsburgh just celebrated national PARK(ing) day. Since 2005...   More

September 25, 2015
New York Times
Walker Campaign Money
Ever since the creation of so-called super PACs, proponents of strict campaign finance limits...   More

September 24, 2015
Chicago Tribune
Aldermen already trying to restrict newly legal food carts
Chicago food cart vendors who have operated in the legal shadows for many decades soon will have the option of going legit...   More

September 24, 2015
Orange County Register
Redevelopment agencies return, in new guise, to California
Well, it was nice while it lasted...   More

September 23, 2015
Chicago Tribune
Cabbies protest at city airports over Emanuel fee; drivers' lawsuit cut back
Hundreds of cabbies on Wednesday morning blocked access to terminals at O'Hare and Midway airports to protest...   More

September 22, 2015
Huffington Post
No, Chief Justice Roberts' Judicial Restraint Isn't Admirable
In the wake of recent high-profile criticism of his jurisprudence, Chief Justice John Roberts can take comfort in the fact that...   More

September 21, 2015
New Bill Would Cut Off Federal Forfeiture Funds For DEA Marijuana Seizures
A new bipartisan bill would eliminate a controversial source of funding for one federal marijuana seizure program...   More

September 19, 2015
Las Vegas Review-Journal
ESA lawsuits mobilize party heavyweights
They won't inspire any TV movies or docudramas, but the civil trials that will determine whether Nevada's new school choice law...   More

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