Aaron and Monica Cannon

Aaron and Monica Cannon run A & M’s Red Food Truck. They met in San Diego while serving in the military and cultivated a deep appreciation for good tacos. They decided to channel their passion and experience into a business opportunity by starting up a food truck. The two decided to strike out to the East Coast and see if people would appreciate their unique taco and slider creations. They get rave reviews across the board.

  • August 21, 2018    |   Economic Liberty

    Carolina Beach Food Trucks

    Food-Truck Owners Challenge Ban on Competition

    Variety is, as the saying goes, the spice of life. Restaurants have menus because consumers like being able to choose what they eat and where they eat it. In the last decade, consumers have grown to love the choices provided by hard-working food-truck owners, like Michelle Rock, Aaron & Monica Cannon, and Harley Bruce who…

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