Ameera Shaheed

Ameera Shaheed is a longtime resident of Wilmington and a grandmother of three. She is disabled and survives on Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. She suffers from chronic pain and needs a car to get around, but Wilmington took her car away over a handful of parking tickets—even though she was legally parked.  

Ameera’s car was worth approximately $4,250, and Wilmington kept it over $320 in parking tickets. Even after taking her car, the city is still coming after Ameera and trying to collect on those same parking tickets. With additional fees and penalties, it now claims she owes $580, with no compensation for the surplus value of her lost car.  

  • September 22, 2021    |   Private Property

    Wilmington Impound

    Challenging Wilmington’s tow-and-impound racket, which pays private tow companies by letting them keep and scrap cars.

    Wilmington, Delaware, issues a lot of parking tickets and then allows private companies to tow any car with more than $200 in outstanding fines. Rather than pay money to those companies for their services, the city contractually empowers the towing companies to keep and scrap cars. The tow companies get to keep the full value…

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