Ashley N’Dakpri

Ashley N’Dakpri is Lynn’s niece. Ashley was born in the United States, but still travels to the Ivory Coast to visit family. As a young child, Ashley learned to braid hair by practicing on family and friends, including her Aunt Lynn.

At 16, Ashley began braiding hair for money. Today, she manages the one remaining Afro Touch location. Now 31, Ashley has lived and studied around the world, cultivating an entrepreneurial and artistic lifestyle.

As the new manager of Afro Touch, Ashley wants to grow the salon and bring on more braiders. But instead of focusing on managing the salon and marketing its services, Ashley spends the majority of her time braiding and scheduling appointments. Although there is no shortage of capable braiders, they are all unlicensed, and the Board’s licensing requirements prevent Ashley from hiring unlicensed braiders. There is constant demand for braiding services at Afro Touch, but there are not enough licensed braiders in the whole state of Louisiana to satisfy demand there.

  • June 20, 2019    |   Economic Liberty

    Louisiana Hair Braiding

    Louisiana Hair Braiders Fight For Right To Earn An Honest Living

    Can the government require hundreds of hours of training and an expensive license for any job?  That is the question that the Institute for Justice (IJ) and three hair braiders have put before a court in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where the State Board of Cosmetology has grossly overstepped the constitutional line by attempting to license…

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