Buckley Family

Stephen and Joanna Buckley are a married couple with two sons, Carter and Hudson. After becoming disillusioned with the public school system in Vermont, the Buckleys decided to enroll their sons at the New England Classical Academy. There, the Buckleys found a school with small class sizes, a classical education, and a value system that reflected what they taught at home. Since enrolling at the school, their sons have thrived academically while prospering in the school’s nurturing environment.

  • September 9, 2020    |   Educational Choice

    Vermont Educational Choice

    Vermont Parents Sue State Over Unconstitutional School Choice Policy

    Since 1869, Vermont has used a unique program to solve the costly problem of educating children in rural areas. Rather than forcing every school district to provide a complete k-12 curriculum, the state gives parents a choice: If their local school district doesn’t provide instruction for their child’s grade-level, then the state gives parents a…

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