Carter Walker

Carter Walker is a young reporter covering the county government for the Lancaster, Pennsylvania newspaper. When he heard that the Centre County District Attorney was willingly releasing records about its forfeiture proceeds and spending, he wondered whether the Lancaster County DA would do the same. The office refused the request, relying on irrelevant exceptions to Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law. Carter appealed to Pennsylvania’s Office of Open Records and won, but now the DA is fighting in court to keep this information secret.

Carter works for the LNP Media Group, which for over 200 years has reported the daily news in an area of the country rich in history and culture.

  • April 11, 2019    |   Private Property

    Pennsylvania Forfeiture FOIA

    Pennsylvania newspaper fights local district attorney to make forfeiture records public

    Intrepid investigative reporters are intimately familiar with federal and state laws that compel the government to provide public records upon request. These requests for information are a crucial tools for reporters looking to shine a light on the misdeeds of government officials. When the government stonewalls, reporters are forced to wage drawn out court battles…

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