Cindy Harper

Cindy Harper is a home baker in Lincoln, Nebraska. She specializes in baking holiday and event-themed sugar cookies and pound cakes—a specialty she started developing while attending culinary school. Since graduating, baking has been a big part of Cindy’s life. She teaches weekend courses to other aspiring bakers at Southeast Community College and constantly bakes treats for friends and coworkers from her home kitchen. When Cindy learned that those same friends and coworkers wanted to purchase her treats year-round, she looked into starting her own cottage food business, tentatively named Creative Confections.

  • May 19, 2020    |   Economic Liberty

    Lincoln, NE Cottage Foods

    Lincoln Home Baker Challenges City’s Unnecessary Regulations

    Cindy Harper is an aspiring home baker in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2019, thanks in part to her testimony before the state’s legislature, Nebraska unanimously passed LB 304 and joined the vast majority of states that allow individuals to sell shelf-stable foods (such as cookies, breads, and jams) directly from home. Specifically, LB 304 exempts those…

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