Conservative Enthusiasts

Conservative Enthusiasts (CE) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating the public regarding the benefits of lower taxes, less regulation and smaller government.  In the past, the organization has mainly limited its efforts to holding talks or debates on these issues.  With new proposals to expand government and raise taxes at both the federal and state levels, however, Conservative Enthusiasts intends to start contacting and mobilizing average citizens to resist these efforts.  CE believes that unfettered participation in the political process—including reaching out to your neighbors and friends to urge political action—is at the core of a free society and that applying disclosure laws to citizen activists can quickly turn into a government-mandated enemies list for those in power.

  • April 15, 2010    |   First Amendment

    Washington Grassroots Lobbying

    Protecting Americans’ Right To Engage In Grassroots Political Activism

    There are few things more distinctly American than grassroots political activism.  From town hall meetings and statehouse rallies to talk radio, blogs and meetups, Americans are constantly finding new and innovative ways to participate in politics.  Through such activities, people can alert elected officials to constituents’ preferences, educate fellow citizens and make their voices heard,…

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