Dawna Larson

Dawna lives with her wheelchair-bound father just across the river in Lewiston, Idaho. Because her father requires so much care, Dawna recently had to quit her job to become his full-time caretaker. They rely on her father’s social security benefits and food donations to make ends meet.

When Kathy’s little free pantry was open, it was Dawna’s first stop for food before, in Dawna’s words, “counting pennies at the store.” Kathy’s pantry was “a real blessing” to Dawna and her father. Now that the county has shut it down, Dawna can no longer rely on the pantry to help feed her family. Dawna would like to use Kathy’s little free pantry to help relieve the financial pressure she and father live with every day.

  • April 16, 2020    |   Economic Liberty

    Washington Little Free Pantry

    Neighbors Challenge County’s Burdensome Regulations on Little Free Pantries

    Thanks to a lawsuit she filed with the Institute for Justice, Kathy Hay can now share food with her neighbors in Asotin County, Washington, using a “little free pantry” in her backyard. Similar to little free libraries, little free pantries are small structures where people can take or donate food. But before the lawsuit, Kathy…

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