Dennis and Cathy Griffin

Dennis and Cathy Griffin are residents of Croydon, New Hampshire, where they are raising their grandson, Clayton. Clayton, who is entering the seventh grade, has attended Mount Royal Academy since first grade. The Griffins chose Mount Royal Academy because the school’s worldview aligns with their values and religious beliefs, and because the school was the best academic and social fit for Clayton. Because Mount Royal Academy is a Catholic school, however, Croydon’s school board is prohibited from paying for Clayton’s tuition, even though Croydon pays tuition on behalf of its other residents who select non-religious private schools for their children.

  • September 3, 2020    |   Educational Choice

    New Hampshire Town Tuitioning

    Grandparents Sue Granite State Over Unconstitutional Restriction on School Choice Program

    Dennis and Cathy Griffin live in the small town of Croydon, New Hampshire and are raising their grandson Clayton, who is entering the seventh grade. Because Croydon is so small, it does not operate a middle school and instead pays students’ tuition at nearby private or public schools. But the Griffins aren’t eligible for that…

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