Dipendra Tiwari

Dipendra Tiwari came to the United States in 2008. He then earned an MBA and became a certified public accountant. He now operates a tax and accounting firm in Louisville that caters to the Nepali-speaking population.

Dipendra and his business partner Kishor Sapkota tried to open a home health agency that specializes in providing care to the Nepali community in Louisville, but Kentucky won’t allow him to open because its certificate of need (CON) law.

  • December 4, 2019    |   Economic Liberty

    Kentucky CON

    Nepali Immigrants Sue Kentucky Over Law That Stopped Them from Opening a Home Health Care Business

    Dipendra Tiwari wants to provide home health care to refugees in Louisville in a language they understand. But Kentucky won’t let him because it says that service isn’t needed. How can that be? The answer is a government permission slip called a certificate of need. Nearly 100,000 Nepali speakers have been welcomed to the United…

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