Erle Rawlins

Erle owns and operates Real Estate Consumer Consultants, a real estate buyers’ agency service.  His computers contain the confidential information of clients he is representing in the purchase of new homes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region.  When Erle’s computers break down, he goes to the same computer repair shop he has been using for years.  They provide him with responsive, quality service at reasonable prices.

  • June 26, 2008    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Texas Computer Repair

    Texas Government-mandated Computer Repair License Does Not Compute

    Texas now demands that every computer repair technician in the entire state acquire a private investigator’s license to repair a computer.  To get that license, you are required to have a degree in criminal justice or perform a three-year apprenticeship under a licensed private investigator.  If you perform certain repairs without a private investigator’s license,…

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