Ethan Dean

Ethan Dean served as an U.S. advisor in Afghanistan.  Ethan owns a three bedroom house near Winona State University.  He may not rent it out because his block is above the 30 percent rental license limit.  In fact, his block was at 78 percent when the rental ban was enacted, but his neighbor’s permits were grandfathered in.  Ethan cannot sell his house because anytime someone expresses interest, they quickly back out after learning the house is not rental-certified.

  • October 25, 2011    |   Private Property

    Minnesota Rental Caps

    Slamming the Door on Rental Bans: Winona Homeowners Stand Up for Their Property Rights

    Government officials in Winona, Minn., are imposing a restriction on the number of homeowners who can rent out their properties, harming both homeowners and renters alike. Not only is this policy unwise, it is also unconstitutional.

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