Eva Locke

Eva is an interior designer from Gulf Stream, Florida who would like to offer both residential and commercial interior design services in Florida. Her family came to the United States from Cuba when she was just three years old. They left behind everything they owned to start a new life in America, which Eva has always considered the Land of Opportunity—a place where those who work hard to achieve their goals can not only survive but flourish, as her family eventually did.

After raising a family, Eva decided to follow her passion for design by enrolling in the two-year interior design program at Palm Beach Community College. After completing her degree, Eva apprenticed for a licensed interior designer for eighteen months and had planned to take the state-mandated NCIDQ exam. But her apprenticeship was a terrible experience, making her feel like an “indentured servant” and offering virtually no useful training or experience in return.

  • May 27, 2009    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Florida Interior Design

    Free to Design: Challenging Florida’s Unconstitutional Interior Design Law

    Florida is ground zero in the nationwide battle to cartelize the interior design industry. A small group of well-funded industry insiders led by the American Society of Interior Designers has been relentless in its pursuit of ever more restrictive laws. Studies have shown that interior design regulations result in higher prices, less variety, and fewer…

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