Geoffrey and Heidi Boffitto

Geoffrey and Heidi have four boys. Geoffrey, an Iraq-war veteran, is studying civil engineering at the New Hampshire Technical Institute. Because the G.I. Bill requires that Geoffrey be enrolled as a full-time student, he works at night to support Heidi, a full-time Mom and their boys. The Boffittos want to sent their boys to the same private school Geoffrey attended as a boy, Trinity Christian School in Concord, but cannot afford the tuition with the scholarships offered by the Network for Educational Opportunity.

  • January 29, 2013    |   Educational Choice

    New Hampshire Business Tax Credit Scholarship Program

    IJ Defends School Choice in New Hampshire

    On August 28, 2014, the Institute for Justice successfully defended New Hampshire’s scholarship program from a constitutional challenge at the New Hampshire Supreme Court.  As a result, low-income families across the state can continue to enjoy school choice for their children. New Hampshire’s Business Tax Credit Scholarship Program offers local businesses a partial tax credit…

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