John Heiderich and Gwen Lee

Keena’s landlords, plaintiffs John B. Heiderich and Gwendolyn A. Lee, have owned and operated rental properties in Seattle for more than forty years. They care deeply about their tenants and cultivate long-term relationships with their renters. They are unwilling to act as the vehicle by which the city will intrude into Ms. Bean’s home without her consent and are committed to helping their tenant protect her constitutional rights.

  • December 4, 2018    |   Private Property

    Seattle Rental Inspections

    Class Action Lawsuit Challenges Seattle’s Mandatory Rental Inspection Law

    When it comes to respecting the property and privacy rights of its residents, the city of Seattle treats its rental tenants as second-class citizens by forcing them to allow government-mandated inspectors into their homes, without first getting a warrant. Homeowners, on the other hand, have no responsibility to have their homes inspected by the city,…

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