José Oliva

After graduating high school in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, José Oliva volunteered to join the Air Force and served in Vietnam. When José came home, he dedicated his life to serving in law enforcement, at both state and federal levels. Thirty years later, José retired and was given a gold watch commemorating his service.

  • August 6, 2021    |   Immunity and Accountability

    Federal Police Immunity Cert. Petitions

    Supreme Court Must Decide: Will Federal Cops Remain Above the Law?

    SPECIAL: U.S. Supreme Court Media Kit Institute for Justice Mohamud, Byrd & Oliva News Release IJ’s Mohamud Petition for Certiorari IJ’s Byrd Petition for Certiorari Mohamud & Byrd Client Photos Oliva Client Photos Mohamud Case Video Byrd Case Video Institute for Justice’s Project on Immunity & Accountability Does a federal badge allow a police officer to violate your constitutional…

  • February 1, 2021    |   Immunity and Accountability

    SPECIAL: Oliva v. Nivar U.S. Supreme Court Media Kit Institute for Justice Oliva v. Nivar News Release Litigation Backgrounder Institute for Justice Petition for Certiorari Release on Amicus Briefs Client Photos Case Video Institute for Justice’s Project on Immunity & Accountability José Oliva survived the bloodiest year in Vietnam, but he most feared for his…

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