Kathy Hay

Kathy lives with her husband and three children in Clarkston, Washington in Asotin County. Her husband works as an electronics technician and Kathy homeschools their three children. Like many in Clarkston and the surrounding area, her family has sometimes struggled to put food on their table.

Since she knows firsthand how difficult it is to worry about feeding herself and her family, Kathy wanted to find a way to help others struggling with the same problem. She hoped that opening a little free pantry would not only meet that immediate need, but also inspire a movement in her community to help each other with food insecurity.

Kathy hopes that this lawsuit will allow her and others in the community to have a little free pantry without having to grapple with food bans and pages of paperwork.

  • April 16, 2020    |   Economic Liberty

    Washington Little Free Pantry

    Neighbors Challenge County’s Burdensome Regulations on Little Free Pantries

    Thanks to a lawsuit she filed with the Institute for Justice, Kathy Hay can now share food with her neighbors in Asotin County, Washington, using a “little free pantry” in her backyard. Similar to little free libraries, little free pantries are small structures where people can take or donate food. But before the lawsuit, Kathy…

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