Ken Leininger

After eight years of working as a driver for Yellow Cab, Ken Leininger decided to start his own business. He founded Ken’s Cab, a taxi company that only uses hybrid vehicles and offers reliable service at competitive fares. Ken believed he could deliver a better service to the people of Little Rock, provide a better deal for drivers, and successfully compete with Yellow Cab. But when Ken tried to get permits for his new business early last year, his applications were repeatedly denied.

  • March 2, 2016    |   Economic Liberty

    Little Rock Taxis

    City Established a Monopoly for the Only Taxi Business in Town, Preventing Competition and Prohibiting Consumer Choice

    The City of Little Rock had only one taxi business, and it was illegal to start a second one. Little Rock’s government had completely forgotten that the right to choose which taxi to hire belongs to customers, and the government does not get to make this choice for them. Yet that is exactly what Little…

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