Lewrance Gant

Lewrance Gant is a retired limousine driver who has lived in the Chicago area for 60 years. Gant regularly lent his car to a long-time friend. In March 2019, police pulled that friend over, saying he had failed to come to a complete stop at an intersection. Police discovered that the friend’s license was suspended for unpaid tickets and also alleged that there was a bag of marijuana in the car. The vehicle was seized and impounded.

Gant was unaware that his friend had a suspended license and has never known him to use drugs. While the city dropped the drug charges and moving violations against the friend, an administrative law officer still held Gant liable, assessing a $1,000 fine for driving with a suspended license and $3,750 in towing and storage fees. Gant cannot afford to pay the $4,750 in fines and fees, and his car remains at the impound lot.

  • April 30, 2019    |   Private Property

    Chicago Impound

    The Windy City tows the cars of innocent people and holds them for ransom

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