Marc N’Da

Marc embodies the American Dream. He came to this country as a political refugee from the African nation of Togo with only $60 in his pocket. He worked minimum wage jobs for years to put himself through college and graduate school and proudly became an American citizen. Seeing friends and neighbors struggle to get decent home health care, he formed Dignity Home Care to help fill a need. Starting from nothing, Marc has built Dignity to over 250 employees throughout Nebraska.

Today, Marc and Dignity care for more than 100 elderly and disabled patients in Nebraska. He and his employees already drive his patients to the grocery store and on numerous other errands, but because of a state Certificate of Need (CON) law Nebraska  won’t let Marc and his employees take those same patients to a pharmacy or doctor’s office. “I can drive my patients to Wal-Mart, but not the Wal-Mart pharmacy,” Marc sadly explains. “That makes no sense.”

Marc’s patients may be stuck with limited options for now, but he’s fighting back. Marc has teamed up with the Institute for Justice to protect his constitutional right to earn an honest living.

  • April 23, 2020    |   Economic Liberty

    Nebraska CON

    Nebraska law requires business owner to get his competitors’ permission in order to transport patients

    If you trust someone to drive you to a grocery store, would you also trust them to drive you to a pharmacy? Of course. But, unfortunately, such common sense doesn’t rule in Nebraska. Years ago, a handful of transportation companies convinced the Nebraska government that there was something special about taking people to the pharmacy…

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