Margaret Burden

Margaret is a dedicated entrepreneur.  She has organized a small group of women in the beauty industry in the Tupelo area.  She already sells cosmetics (in addition to her full-time job) and is excited about improving her braiding skills and being able to braid legally.  Like most African-American women, she learned basic braiding skills from her mother and has imparted them to her own daughter.

  • August 5, 2004    |   Economic Liberty

    Mississippi Hair Braiding

    Challenging Barriers To Economic Opportunity: Untangling African Hair Braiders from Mississippi's Cosmetology Regime

    The Institute for Justice helped secure a major victory for economic liberty in April 2005 when the governor of Mississippi signed legislation freeing the state’s African hair braiders from the irrelevant and unnecessary licensing requirements of the State Board of Cosmetology. Previously, braiders across the state were prevented from earning an honest living practicing or…

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