Ocheesee Creamery

Mary Lou Wesselhoeft

Mary Lou Wesselhoeft and her husband Paul Wesselhoeft own Ocheesee Creamery, a small creamery with three employees in the Florida Panhandle. The creamery started out selling cream skimmed from all-natural, pasteurized whole milk to families and coffee shops in the local area. Skimming the cream from whole milk, however, resulted not only in cream, but skim milk as well. So six years ago, Ocheesee Creamery started selling skim milk in addition to its cream.

Because of the all-natural dairy philosophy that Mary Lou follows, she added nothing to the creamery’s skim milk. It contained exactly one ingredient—pasteurized skim milk—and she labeled it as exactly that: “pasteurized skim milk.” It was routinely tested and approved as safe by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (“DACS”), and Ocheesee’s customers loved it. In fact, many of them purchased it precisely because it had no additives, and none of them were ever confused by the easy-to-understand label.

  • November 20, 2014    |   First Amendment

    Florida Skim Milk

    Censored in Florida: Creamery Owner Sues to End Labeling Censorship

    Ocheesee Creamery is censored from honestly labeling its skim milk as skim milk.

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