Michelle and Steven Freenor

Michelle Freenor, is a licensed guide and has earned excellent online reviews. Meanwhile, Michelle’s husband Steven Freenor teaches American history at a local college and high school. Steven sometimes brings his classes to Savannah for field trips, but he doesn’t personally teach them anything while they walk through Savannah: Because he does not have a tour guide license, he worries that he would face arrest or a fine for talking to his students about history outside the classroom. The guide restrictions impose further burdens by making it impossible for Steven to fill in for Michelle when she cannot lead a scheduled tour, even though he is clearly qualified to discuss history in the eyes of school and college administrators.

  • November 17, 2014    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Savannah Tour Guides

    Government Cannot Decide Who Is, Or Is Not, Allowed To Tell A Story

    Tour guides are storytellers, and the government can’t be in the business of deciding who is (or who is not) allowed to tell stories.

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