Mike Tait

Mike is a lifelong Philadelphian who began giving tours in early 2006, when he was glad to discover that they were an excellent way to combine his lifelong interest in history with his knack for giving an engaging performance—all while not having to spend forty hours a week in an office.  Mike is currently an employee of the Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia and also works as an independent contractor for other local companies, giving traditional historical tours as well as guiding more off-beat outings, such as “haunted history” tours centering on the city’s folklore and ghost legends.

  • July 2, 2008    |   Economic Liberty First Amendment

    Philadelphia Tour Guides

    Grassroots Tyranny in the Cradle of the Constitution: Philadelphia Tour Guides Stand Up For the Framers’ Vision of Freedom

    Effective in October 2008, tour guides in Philadelphia will be subject to hundreds of dollars in fines for engaging in unauthorized talking.  A law enacted April 2008 will make it illegal for anyone to give a tour of much of the city’s downtown area without first getting the government’s permission to speak. The irony of…

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