Rhett Keisler

Revolver Brewing

Revolver Brewing is located on eight acres of land in the Texas countryside, 30 miles south of Fort Worth. Its physical setting reflects Revolver’s pride in producing beer that is distinctly Texan. Craft beer aficionados are probably familiar with Revolver’s perennial line-up of Blood & Honey Ale, Revolver Bock and High Brass Blonde Ale. These beers are sold in bottles and kegs in Dallas-Fort Worth and, recently, in Austin. Beer drinkers can also visit Revolver every Saturday for a brewery tour and tasting.

  • December 20, 2014    |   Economic Liberty Private Property

    Texas Craft Beer

    Beer Bounty: Texas Craft Brewers Sue Over New Law That Requires Them to Give Part of Their Businesses to Distributors for Free

    A Texas law is forcing craft brewers to give up millions of dollars of valuable property to politically connected beer distributors.

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