Richard Jonathan Simpkins

Richard Jonathan Simpkins (who goes by “Limo Jon”) is the owner of A Limo For You, a one-man limo service that he operated in Nashville from 1999 until June 2010, when the city’s regulations went into effect.  Limo Jon has lived in Nashville since 1966 and has been driving limos for more than a decade.  He says he was inspired to run his business as Cornelius Vanderbilt ran his—“by beating everyone on price.”  The traditional business model in the limo industry is hourly pricing, which seems unfair to consumers who use only part of an hour.  So Limo Jon introduced roundtrip pricing and served downtown Nashville for just $20 one-way.

  • April 20, 2011    |   Economic Liberty

    Nashville Limos

    Drive to Freedom: Nashville’s Sedan Drivers Fight City Effort To Run Them Off the Road

    Can government force transportation businesses to charge a minimum price to protect politically connected companies from competition? That is the question the Institute for Justice (IJ) and its clients sought to answer in a federal court challenge to Nashville’s limousine and sedan regulations. Until 2010, sedan and independent limo services in Nashville were an affordable…

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