Ron Mugar

Ron Mugar is an avid machinist who loves to build things: solar arrays, a hybrid-cell go-kart, and classic cars. After retiring from a career in graphic design, he became a hobby machinist. He first began building things as a kid, but he now pushes himself with bigger and bolder projects.

  • April 2, 2019    |   First Amendment Private Property

    Norco, CA Enforcement Fees

    Ron Mugar successfully stopped the city's plan to take his home—and they're still making him pay

    Sixty thousand dollars. That is the amount of money the City of Norco, California, is forcing resident Ron Mugar to pay for having the gall to successfully defend himself in court. That might sound unbelievable, but such brazenness is to be expected when a city outsources its justice to a law firm like Dapeer, Rosenblit…

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