Senator Lisa Torraco

Senator Lisa Torraco, a Republican representing Bernalillo County, was the initial sponsor for the Forfeiture Reform Law in the State Senate. She worked behind the scenes to secure support for the bill among her colleagues. And, when the bill was first presented on the floor of the Senate, it was presented in association with her name.

  • November 18, 2015    |   Private Property

    New Mexico Forfeiture

    This Ends Now: Enforcing New Mexico’s Landmark Civil Forfeiture Reform To Shut Down The Albuquerque Forfeiture Machine

    NOTE: This page is for IJ’s first challenge to Albuquerque’s civil forfeiture program. This challenge ended in May 2016. For information on IJ’s current, ongoing challenge to Albuquerque’s program click here. In New Mexico, civil forfeiture is big business. Cities across the state run forfeiture programs that rake in millions of dollars. The City of…

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