Ted and Lauren Dzierzbicki

Ted and Lauren Dzierzbicki purchased a house in Winona for their daughter to live in while she attended the university and invested thousands of dollars and time in its upkeep over the years.   After their daughter graduated from college, they put the house on the market but cannot sell the house and they may not rent it out because all of the houses on their block have been grandfathered in as rentals.

  • October 25, 2011    |   Private Property

    Minnesota Rental Caps

    Slamming the Door on Rental Bans: Winona Homeowners Stand Up for Their Property Rights

    Government officials in Winona, Minn., are imposing a restriction on the number of homeowners who can rent out their properties, harming both homeowners and renters alike. Not only is this policy unwise, it is also unconstitutional.

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