The Slatic Family

James Slatic is a consummate entrepreneur who has started more than ten businesses. He has also been active in the medical marijuana normalization movement at the state and federal levels. Combining these passions, James started two businesses in the medical marijuana industry—one for packaging and supplies, and the other for refining concentrated medical marijuana into usable oils for common products like vaporizer (or “vape”) pens.

James worked on behalf of the ballot initiative legalizing recreational marijuana in Colorado, and is currently working on behalf of similar initiatives in California and Nevada. Last year, James was instrumental in the passage of California’s Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, which its sponsor says was designed to remove all legal uncertainty from businesses that supply and support medical marijuana.

Annette Slatic works as a radiology technician for the local Veterans Administration Hospital. Lily is a sophomore at San Jose State University and her sister Penny is in high school. While supportive of James’ business endeavors, Annette, Lily, and Penny never had any involvement with James’ medical marijuana businesses.

  • November 1, 2016    |   Private Property

    San Diego Forfeiture

    San Diego District Attorney Seizes Every Penny from a Local Family Without Charging Anyone with a Crime

    Can the government take all of a family’s money based on suspicion that one family member committed a crime? That is exactly what happened to the Slatic family, when the San Diego County District Attorney seized over $100,000 from personal bank accounts belonging to James Slatic, his wife Annette, and their two teenage daughters, Lily…

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