Tina Barnes

Plaintiff Tina Barnes is a medical billing clerk who cares for her disabled adult daughter and is raising her two granddaughters as her own. Tina was elected to the Charlestown City Council in November 2015 to represent the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood. Like Josh, she has no realistic alternative to Pleasant Ridge, and she and her daughter and granddaughters will be homeless if forced out by the city.

  • February 10, 2017    |   Private Property

    Charlestown Property Rights

    Eminent Domain in Disguise: Putting an End to Charlestown, Ind.’s Unconstitutional Home Inspection Scheme

    A small-town mayor in rural Indiana has made it his personal mission to oust the residents of a tight-knit working-class neighborhood, bulldoze their homes and build a fancy new subdivision for much wealthier people. The only things standing in his way are a plethora of state statutes, the Indiana and U.S. constitutions and, now, the…

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