Valarie Whitner

Valarie Whitner has been the subject of the city of Pagedale’s ticketing practices. She has received a set of warnings from the city, threatening her with fines and fees for alleged violations such as chipped paint on her home or lacking a screen door on the rear entrance to her home.  It is unclear what part of the Pagedale Code even regulates chipped paint.  Valarie has received generic tickets for “house not up to code” without further explanation.  When Vincent lost his job, he and Valarie fell into arrears and were forced to help pay off the fines by taking out a pay-day loan with a 99% APR.  Valarie was even arrested in front of her home and taken to Pagedale city hall because of an unspecified ticket.

  • November 4, 2015    |   Private Property

    Pagedale Municipal Fines

    Class Action Lawsuit Challenges Policing for Profit in St. Louis Co. Municipal Court System

    What would it be like if your homeowners’ or condo association had a police force? If, instead of just annoying you by nitpicking how your property’s paint looks or whether your barbequing with friends bothers the neighborhood busybodies, the association could ticket, fine, and even arrest you? And what would it be like if the…

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