What We Do

The IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship empowers Chicago’s entrepreneurs in four ways: legal service, education, outreach and advocacy.

  1. We provide free legal services to lower-income entrepreneurs, forging long-term relationships with a small group of clients to help them transform their companies and communities.
  2. We teach and supervise University of Chicago Law School students in providing our legal services to entrepreneurs, preparing these students to be lifelong advocates for entrepreneurs.
  3. We provide educational seminars and community events aimed at offering entrepreneurs practical advice on starting and growing a business, with a healthy dose of inspiration along the way.
  4. We advocate to knock down excessive regulatory and legal barriers that keep entrepreneurs from making their dreams a reality.
  • Economic liberty is the right to earn an honest living free from unreasonable government interference. The IJ Clinic advocates for economic liberty, so entrepreneurs from Chicago’s inner city can chart their own courses in life, build up neighborhoods and create jobs. We provide free legal assistance, support, education and advocacy for entrepreneurs in the Chicago…

  • Providing legal services to entrepreneur clients is the heart of the mission for the IJ Clinic. Instead of being a walk-in service or help center, we forge meaningful, long-term relationships with a small group of clients and focus our resources on helping them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Learn more about the entrepreneurs we help. Some…

  • What makes the IJ Clinic different? We act as wrap-around legal counsel representing low-income entrepreneurs who are navigating a myriad of issues. Students working in the IJ Clinic advise on complex and varied issues like overcoming regulatory obstacles to manufacturing in Chicago, evaluating a proposal by a potential investor, structuring ownership of a worker-owned business,…

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