• IJ’s Project on the 4th Amendment

    The Institute for Justice’s Project on the Fourth Amendment strives to protect one of America’s foundational property rights: The right to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures.

  • Project on Immunity and Accountability

    The Institute for Justice’s Project on Immunity and Accountability is devoted to a simple idea: If we the people must follow the law, our government must follow the Constitution. We have a lot of work to do to turn that idea into reality. A web of legal doctrines effectively places government workers above the law by making…

  • Private Property

    Respecting the right of private property is essential to a just and prosperous society. But government at all levels—local, state and federal—routinely infringe on these rights.

  • First Amendment

    We seek to defend the free flow of information—information that is indispensable to our democratic form of government and to our free enterprise economy.

  • Educational Choice

    School choice is simply the idea that all parents, regardless of means, should enjoy the freedom to choose what schools their children attend.

  • Economic Liberty

    The right to earn a living in the occupation of your choice without unnecessary government interference is at the heart of the American Dream.

  • A Fresh Start for America’s Workforce

    A Fresh Start for America’s Workforce The government often denies people a license to work in a particular job because of their criminal convictions—even if the conviction is very old or has nothing to do with the job. As a result, thousands of Americans are not legally allowed to work in the job of their…

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