IJ Summer Clerks and Interns

IJ Summer Clerks and Interns 2008

Our 2008 headquarter’s summer clerks and interns provided excellent legal research for IJ. They are from left to right,  Ted Holt, Columbia University Law School; Teddy Hanson, Georgetown University; Yelena Shagall, Harvard Law School; Marissa Miller, Stanford University; Molly Schindler, Johns Hopkins University; Joel Hills, Grove City College; Brad Hock, Colgate University; Dean Razavi, University of Virginia Law School; Anthony Dick, Stanford Law School; Benton Keatley, Washington and Lee University School of Law; Madison Kitchens, Harvard Law School;  Quincy Andelin, Indiana University School of Law–Bloomington;  Sam Gedge, Harvard Law School; Doran Arik, Brooklyn Law School;  Anastasia Lewandoski, American University’s Washington College of Law;  Max Leeds, UCLA Law School.

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