IJ Is In the Rooms Where Forfeiture Reform Happens

When IJ talks, people listen—including state legislators wanting to reform forfeiture laws.

Over the past two years, IJ successfully advocated for forfeiture reforms in Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada and the District of Columbia, as well as for the complete abolition of civil forfeiture in New Mexico.

In 2016, IJ’s involvement in state reforms has grown. IJ attorneys are taking our model legislation and advocating for reforms across the United States. Current projects include redirecting forfeiture proceeds to the general fund in New Hampshire; overhauling how civil forfeiture is conducted in Florida; replacing civil forfeiture with criminal forfeiture in Nebraska; limiting Maryland’s outsourcing of forfeiture cases to the federal government; and establishing standing for innocent joint-owners in Minnesota.

IJ’s nationwide advocacy for greater protection of property rights is best illustrated by what happened over just two days in February. On Feb. 10 and 11, IJ’s legislative counsel Lee McGrath testified in Lincoln, Nebraska; IJ Attorney Rob Peccola spoke before the Maryland Senate; and IJ Florida Managing Attorney Justin Pearson testified on the need for reform in Tallahassee.

Backed by IJ’s landmark strategic research and media savvy, IJ will not stop until every state has abolished or radically reformed its forfeiture laws.

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