Castle Coalition DVD Guides Homeowners On How to Fight Eminent Domain Abuse

There remain, however, thousands of other besieged homeowners and entrepreneurs who cannot make it to an IJ training program, but who still desperately need to learn about the tools and tactics IJ and the Castle Coalition have honed to counter eminent domain for private gain.  To meet that need, IJ and the Castle Coalition produced Not for Sale:  A Comprehensive Guide to Fighting Eminent Domain Abuse, a live-action DVD and companion to the Castle Coalition’s popular Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide.

The DVD was produced entirely in-house in an effort led by Castle Coalition Director Steven Anderson (who serves as the DVD’s narrator) and IJ Production and Design Coordinator Isaac Reese, with assistance from Production and Design Director Don Wilson and intern Aaron Reese.  The DVD features interviews with property owners and activists from across the nation who have successfully battled eminent domain abuse.  Not for Sale provides tips, tactics and practical advice for people waging their own grassroots battle to save their home or small business.  The fast-paced one-hour DVD employs cutting-edge graphics and illustrations along with interviews to explain to viewers how to gather information, build a coalition and engage in local activism.  The DVD instructs homeowners on how to hold a rally, create a website, work toward l ners everything they need to fight City Hall.

The DVD and the Survival Guide can be purchased together for a nominal fee of $3.95 (plus shipping) at fmarket.ij.org.

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