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The stakes for liberty grow greater by the day, and IJ’s mission has never been more critical. Partners Club members play an essential role in driving IJ’s success by contributing $1,000 or more to our efforts each year. Their support forms the backbone of our work, providing more than 75 percent of our funding and enabling IJ to pursue our mission with unprecedented strength and sophistication. We invite you to increase your involvement in IJ’s work by joining the Partners Club today.

As a Partner, you will receive special case updates directly from IJ President Scott Bullock and have exclusive opportunities to interact with IJ staff, clients and attorneys during Partners Club events. Last month, Partners were invited to speak by phone with Scott and Senior Vice President and Litigation Director Dana Berliner about IJ’s unique strategy and how it overcomes the challenges of a shifting legal and political landscape.

In our 25 years, IJ has had a profound impact on the law and the broader movement for individual freedom. Partners know that the courts will play an increasingly indispensable role in preserving liberty, and they are committed to equipping IJ with the resources we need to succeed. For more information and to become a Partner, please visit ij.org/support/partners-club or contact me directly: 703-682-9320, ext. 221, and chealy@ij.org

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