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December 2002

Did you know? …

You Make IJ’s Work Possible

You Make IJ’s Work PossibleLast fiscal year, more than two-thirds of IJ’s total contributions–66.8 percent–came from individuals. Another 31.9 percent was raised through generous donations from foundations, with 1.3 percent coming from corporations. As you might expect, we accept no government funds. Freedom-loving individuals and professional grant makers nationwide recognize the value in making an investment in the Institute for Justice. As the end of the year approaches, please renew, and if possible increase, your support of the Institute for Justice.Source of Funding

An Efficient Investment: 78.8 Cents Of Every IJ Dollar Go Into Programs Contributions to the Institute for Justice pack bang for the buck! A full 78.8 cents of every dollar you invest in IJ goes directly into our strategic litigation programs. Fund raising costs account for 11.5 cents, with only 9.7 cents spent on administration.*

* From audited financial statements

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