Rescued Dreams:

Tangible Results for Liberty

For 13 years, the Institute for Justice has worked through litigation and public advocacy to secure the four pillars that support the American Dream: the rights of economic liberty, free speech, property ownership and school choice. Here is a snapshot of our results so far. Each number represents real-life dreams rescued and a tangible advance of liberty in the face of government excess, but each success is yet another building block IJ employs to help others similarly afflicted by abusive government power.

Each IJ victory not only sets an important precedent, it gives hope and opportunity to thousands.

Victories over arbitrary government regulations, allowing thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide to pursue an honest living in the occupation of their choice

Small businesses and other organizations, along with their customers and supporters, now free to share truthful information

Properties, including homes and small businesses nationwide, protected from eminent domain abuse

Students currently exercising school choice
in voucher and tax credit programs directly protected by IJ litigation and advocacy

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