IJ Victory Means Fresh Start for Pennsylvania Mom

IJ’s goal in Virginia is to replicate for Rudy and those like him the success we had in Pennsylvania just last year. In our case there, we represented two women denied esthetician’s licenses for supposedly lacking “good moral character” because of their old criminal histories.  

We won our campaign after two years of grueling litigation, proving the law so thoroughly irrational that an appeals court struck it down on its face, the government admitted that the law was unconstitutional, and the legislature enacted sweeping reform eliminating “good moral character” clauses for other professions throughout Pennsylvania. 

Today, we can share even more happy news for the holidays. One of our clients, Amanda Spillane, recently received her license. Paperwork in hand, she has a bright new year ahead of her. It took an administrative slog, a constitutional lawsuit, and seven years from when she first applied. But thanks to IJ and your generosity, Amanda is finally positioned to support herself and her new daughter in the career she has aspired to for so long.

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