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The Castle Coalition—IJ’s nationwide grassroots organization made up of homeowners and activists seeking to end eminent domain abuse—is in the midst of its unprecedented membership drive. By increasing its membership, the Coalition will be able to activate, motivate and train greater numbers nationwide to take legislative and grassroots action against eminent domain abuse. A broader membership will help us repeat successes, like those in Sunset Hills, Mo., and Cheektowaga, N.Y., where Castle Coalition members helped defeat abusive eminent domain projects.

To increase our membership, the Castle Coalition is mobilizing its activists to sign up their neighbors, friends and relatives, and updating the website to streamline the sign-up process to make it easier than ever before. The Castle Coalition is currently designing an online ad to be posted on blogs and local websites in targeted communities, and will send a mailer to property owners in eminent domain abuse hotspots. With the help of its growing membership, the Coalition will stop tax-hungry governments and land-hungry developers from seizing private property for their own private purposes. And together, we can all look forward to a day when once again, everyone’s home is his or her castle.

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