The IJ Path to Victory

IJ’s success is built on maintaining momentum in litigation involving many complex cases. This enables us to elevate issues to national prominence and vindicate the rights of large numbers of people. And it means that we are always faced with challenges that call upon us to sharpen and enhance our approach to strategic public interest litigation. With each passing year, IJ has grown in its ability to make the most of those challenges in a greater and greater number of cases. In this newsletter, we are pleased to showcase how our approach pays off.

With government power expanding at all levels, IJ’s ability to tackle more cases and maintain crucial momentum is more important than ever. In the coming year, you’ll see us in action as the national law firm for liberty in courts across the nation. And you’ll continue to see that, case by case, victory is possible. See all articles from this issue of Liberty & Law.

Chip Mellor is the Institute’s president and general counsel.

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