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When it Comes to Private Property, Governments Take First and Worry About the Constitution Later

Under so-called “quick-take” statutes, like the one on the books in Connecticut where IJ is representing property owners whose rights are being violated, the government is permitted to use its power of eminent domain to take private property before the owner has a chance to mount any legal opposition or defense.  It is only after the government has taken legal title to the private property that the real owner is permitted his day in court.

Eminent Domain: No Longer Just Schools and Highways

Think the government only takes private property to make room for public projects like schools and highways?  Think again.  Eminent domain has been used to make way for everything from private industrial parks, shopping centers, parking garages, retail shops and condominiums, to an MGM Grand mega-resort.  We are fast-becoming a government of, by and for the highest bidder.

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