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These articles and editorials are just a sample of favorable local and national pieces IJ secured in the weeks prior to the release of the December issue of Liberty & Law.

By getting our message out in print, radio, broadcast, and online media, we show the real-world consequences of government restrictions on individual liberty—and make the case for change to judges, legislators and regulators, and the general public.


September 1, 2020

Judge Rules Minnesota Winemakers Can Use More Out-Of-State Grapes


September 4, 2020

Gibraltar Food Truck Wins Legal Battle Against Town Board


September 4, 2020

Family Sues N.H. DOE Over Religious Restrictions In Tuitioning Program


September 19, 202o

Vegan Food Company Files First Amendment Suit Against Oklahoma Over Labeling Regulations


September 25, 2020

Police Need Accountability After Jailing Citizen Journalist


September 27, 2020

The Controversy Over Qualified Immunity

October 4, 2020

NYC Can Pick Up 100K Jobs By Ending Needless Burdens On Professional Licensing


October 23, 2020

Institute For Justice: Totally Worth Your Donations


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