About Short Circuit

Short Circuit is your concise (and sometimes irreverent) source for important and interesting cases and legal stories you might otherwise have missed. Launched by the Institute for Justice (IJ) in 2015, Short Circuit started off as a short weekly newsletter rounding up the most interesting developments in the federal circuit courts of appeal. Today, Short Circuit includes more than just our popular weekly newsletter: we host a bi-weekly Short Circuit podcast, we regularly tweet out entertaining summaries of state constitutional history, and we produce a longform podcast series. Learn more about each of these below, and see what others are saying about Short Circuit.


Newsletter: Each week, IJ scours the federal court dockets for the most interesting and important appeals court opinions addressing individual liberty. Every Friday afternoon, we share short, easy-to-understand descriptions of the most interesting federal appellate cases in our newsletter.


Short Circuit Podcast: Liven up your commute by subscribing to our bi-weekly podcast, where IJ lawyers and guests break down the latest developments in the federal circuit courts.


#50Weeks50Constitutions: Did you know every state gets its own constitution? For 50 weeks we highlightinged each of our 50 states’ own constitutions and constitutional histories. The summaries were provided through the medium of our age: Twitter threads with lots of gifs. Not on Twitter? Then just read the archive of the threads here. Posted by the Director of the Center for Judicial Engagement, Anthony Sanders, tweeting at @IJSanders, with massive support from IJ’s Judicial Engagement Fellow, Adam Shelton.


Bound By Oath Podcast: Our podcast series taking a deeper dive into different angles of the Constitution. We starting with the 14th Amendment, in Season 1, and now in Season 2 are exploring how every right needs a remedy (and how often the courts have made sure there isn’t one). Your guide on this adventure is Short Circuit’s Editor, John Ross.

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