What Is The Short Circuit Newsletter?

Each week, IJ scours the federal court dockets for the most interesting and important appeals court opinions . Then every Friday afternoon, we share short, easy-to-understand descriptions of these cases with subscribers of our wildly popular Short Circuit email newsletter.

Among the newsletter’s more than 3,000 subscribers are some of the leading thinkers of our day, including judges, columnists, reporters, lawyers and top law professors—not to mention law students and others interested in following the goings-on of the federal courts.

Why does Short Circuit focus on the opinions of the federal courts of appeal? Each year, the Supreme Court decides about 80 cases. Compare that to the 6,000 cases published by federal appeals courts last year alone. For the overwhelming majority of litigants in federal courts, the lower federal appeals courts are the final stop in their cases.

Short Circuit fans keep coming back for more because they trust that IJ staff will read every single federal appeals court opinion and report on the 20 or so most important cases of the week with engaging, efficient summaries. Over the past two years, Short Circuit has reported on more than 2,000 federal appeals court cases.

Keeping current on our courts does not have to be time consuming and it does not have to be boring: It just requires Short Circuit. 


Praise for Short Circuit


“I never miss Short Circuit. I look forward to IJ’s sharp curatorial eye and I enjoy testing my sense of outrage against theirs. They match more times than one might expect.”


Linda Greenhouse,
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Former U.S. Supreme Court Correspondent, The New York Times



“I had long much enjoyed Short Circuit, a very valuable and fun-to-read news source about important and interesting cases that might otherwise get missed; and I was delighted that IJ agreed to let us include it in the Volokh Conspiracy, since it’s just the sort of thing that informed readers who are interested in the law appreciate.”


Eugene Volokh,
Professor of Law, UCLA
Founder and Coauthor, The Volokh Conspiracy blog

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