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Guardians Circle members at the Institute for Justice invest $10,000 or more each year in helping IJ fight for individual liberty in courts across the country. The generosity and commitment of these Guardians demonstrate their understanding of the importance of IJ’s mission and how high the stakes are for the many Americans whose lives and liberties depend on our work.

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If you have any questions about the Guardians Circle or your current support for IJ, please don’t hesitate to contact Donor Relations Assistant Taylor Burrows: tburrows@ij.org, 703-682-9320, ext. 210.

  • The Guardians Circle is a community of sophisticated donors who are investing in a comprehensive litigation strategy to restore constitutional limits on government power and protect vital individual liberties. To keep Guardians closely apprised of the impact they are making at IJ, we provide: Exclusive updates, reports, and announcements from IJ President and General Counsel…

Liberty and Law

  • January 31, 2019

    Powering the National Law Firm for Liberty

    Become a Partner or Guardian of the Institute for Justice

    As you read through this issue of Liberty & Law and take note of the many ways that IJ is improving the lives of real people, we hope you will consider increasing your support for our work by becoming a member of IJ’s Partners Club or Guardians Circle. IJ Partners contribute $1,000 or more annually,…

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